Youth For You is a not-for-profit Canadian organisation, operating with a charitable status in Ontario since May 2017.

 Youth For You has helped hundreds of students and new immigrants settle better by our expert consultancy team and seamless professional guidance.

 Youth For You is a network of experts, volunteers and team members who help each other by creating opportunities, programs, workshops and community events that help one settle better in Canada.


  • To develop solidarity and promote tolerance among youth

  • To encourage public participation and strengthening links between local youth groups, community groups and businesses.

  • To stimulate participation of young people for involvement in activities related to personal and social development activities for social adaptation of marginalized youth communities.

  • To carry out active work for sustainable social development and democratic principles to promote civil society.

  • To work for action and measures to restore and improve the quality of the environment.

  • To improve the welfare of disabled – acceptance and finding a place in a family in a circle of peers, colleagues, friends and the part of the community in which they live.

  • Counteract negative social phenomena, spreading in a youth environment, like crime, aggression, addiction, prostitution and others.


Respect: Ensuring equity for all peoples of diverse backgrounds, realities, and cultures. Creating symbiotic structures of common good.


Empowerment: Providing and facilitating all our members and alliances with the space and the ability to be innovative.


Integrity: Equitable interaction in all our partnerships, and business dealings, through honesty and transparency.


Transparency: Creating open book structures of operation and functions where all can learn, grow and innovate


Community engagement with grit & passion

We at Youth For You believe that if the Youth of the nation is engaged in creative and research driven activities, then surely the nation is set on the right path to development.

Thus acknowledging the same, Youth for You has aligned most of its community engagement activities around the promotion of Art & Music to reach out to the youth to the maximum. Over the past couple of years, we have organised more than 50 Musical events and have envisioned to scale up our Art and Music community engagement multi-fold in the years to come.


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Old & Homeless

Other Campaigns

job assistance

We skill map your professional acumen and aptitude to search, track and guide you for the perfect job positions in sync with your professional aspirations.

financial management

From Bank accounts to credit card, savings and chequing accounts, we will educate and make you aware of best positions, financial options as per your profile and guide you towards a secure financial future.

life management

We promise to be that ‘someone’ who will have all the answers to your emotional and life queries so that you are able to move on positively towards your goal, keeping your family and friends closely involved in your life’s journey.

Doing the right thing at the right time.


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