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Youth For You

Advocating for youth mainstreaming can allow young people to change the world by creating new awareness, opportunities, policies, systems and cultures that foster youth engagement. In political parties, youth mainstreaming could allow for children and you.

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Serving all across Canada

Our goal is to raise public awareness about the problems that young immigrants are facing nowadays and to get people involved in finding solutions. Our team of volunteers is always ready to stand for those who need help and to support them to overcome the daily challenges in this beautiful country.

Serving people gives me inner peace.

Snover Singh Dhillon

Founder & Managing Director

Our Values

You Have A Hard Time, We are Here to Help

Mental Stress

By providing special counseling to youth to overcome mental illness, Stress, and anxiety

Academics Solutions

We provide all sorts of educational advice with solutions and help with tuition fees

Financial Crises

We provide financial counseling and help them to find the job they deserve. we provide investment education

Settlement Issues

Take care of all settlement issues in their lives by providing quick and professional settlement advise and settlement services


Provide shelter and help youth in their lives with safe shelter and housing


Help job seekers with finding a job and take care of their work rights. all our employment services are provided free of charge. we organize job fairs and employment counseling

Our Products

Join As Volunteer

You can be a member of our society and work with us in our social and educational activities. Our social activities include donating food, giving books, clothing, etc

Community Serves

Connection through kindness

Weekly Meetings

Get together with other volunteers & share ideas

Food Drives

Distribute food to the needy

Fund Raise Events

Monthly events to raise funds for organization

Our Purpose

Helping Youth Making their life happy and easier

We help Youth in the following ways

Educational programs – run by our volunteers at the University.
Academic guidance and employment programs – are run by our volunteers in the workplace.
Legal support programs – provided by lawyers.
Protection and security programs.
Youth – to help young people with problems in making their life easier.
Helping Youth feel less lonely and depressed. we provide counseling, classes, etc.